Our Favorite Dog-Friendly Patios in Fort Worth

Cover picture: @_meganrachelle_ at Mash’d

With help from my favorite Fort Worth Dog Moms, I’ve picked out some of the most popular, dog-friendly patios in Fort Worth, Texas.  Brace yourself, you might want to move to Fort Worth after this.

Woodshed Smokehouse

Known for: Barbecue and their Dog Menu
Location: 3201 Riverfront Dr. Fort Worth, TX 76107
A classic.  If you want some good barbecue, Woodshed is your place.  However, the buck doesn’t stop at BBQ for Woodshed.  They also offer amazing tacos, sandwiches and kick-butt cocktails.   Did I mention they have a pup menu?  Your dog will thank you after a trip to Woodshed.

@bootscootin_bully_ftw at Woodshed Smokehouse
@doodle_finnstagram at Woodshed Smokehouse

Ginger Man

Known for: Their extensive beer list
Location: 3716 Camp Bowie Boulevard
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Ginger Man’s outside beer garden is perfect for a enjoying a sunny afternoon.  They have a TON of beers on draught from all around the world… no worries though, they have a fair share of Texas-brewed beers.  As for their food, I love their flatbreads.  If you’re more in the mood for snacking, check out their appetizers.

@scarlet_the_minidoodle at Ginger Man
@exploring_with_elle at Ginger Man


Known for: Moonshine and their southern style
Location: 2848 Crockett St Fort Worth, TX 76107
There’s a reason why Mash’d has made two of our blogs… it’s just that good.  Their happy hour deal is amazing and their food is killer.  I’ve never experienced their brunch, however the “chicken and biscuits” will be my next endeavor.  If you’re making a trip out to Fort Worth, this place is a must.

@_meganrachelle_ at Mash’d

HG Sply Co.

Known for: Healthy, yet indulgent food
Location: 1621 River Run Suite 176 Fort Worth, TX 76107
HG Sply Co. serves delicious, clean food that not only nourishes you but tastes awesome (my words, not theirs!).  Whether I want to truly indulge in a burger or enjoy a poke bowl, HG Sply never disappoints.

@therealslimhenry at HG Sply Co.
@ghost.thekleekai at HG Sply Co.

The Yard

Known for: Dog park/Beer garden/Live music
Location: 3017 Morton St, Fort Fort Worth, TX 76107
The Yard isn’t like anything you’ve seen before.  This new creation offers everything from a beer garden to an arcade to a dog park.  They have a rotation selection of food trucks that spot by to curb your appetite and according to their website, a dog menu is in the works!

@brantleytheaussie at The Yard


@ecaroll_outside at The Yard
@bellafloresdood at The Yard

We have a list of all of the dog-friendly patios in Fort Worth here… check them out!

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